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Why Democrats will retain control of the House and Senate next year --and even gain more seats

Robert Reich’s blog post for President’s Day explains why there is a good chance that Biden will retain control of the House and Senate, and maybe even pick up some seats. It’s a refreshing and realistically optimistic piece in an otherwise gloomy thicket of predictions. Treat yourself to reading the entire blog by clicking here. It’s not very long, but it will brighten your day and show how victory lemonade can be made from some pretty sour lemons being doled out by the Republicans.

Here, quoted from Reich’s blog, are ten reasons we have hope for a good midterm election outcome.

  1. “It’s likely that job growth between now and November will remain strong.

  2. Inflation will begin edging downward, as supplies of goods increase and demand shifts back to services — removing the one big economic negative.

  3. When the pandemic seems to be over — and there’s a good chance it will feel over by the spring — the nation will breathe a huge collective sigh of relief, and Biden can take credit for getting shots into the arms of 80 percent of Americans.

  4. If tensions continue or escalate with Russia over Ukraine – or, lord help us, Russia invades Ukraine – America will unite behind its Commander-in-Chief.

  5. Democrats will almost certainly pass Build Back Better in some form this spring. It won’t be nearly as ambitious as the original, but probably enough to generate some visible benefits for families.

  6. The courts are pushing back against Republican gerrymandering, giving Democrats better opportunities to hold on to or gain seats.

  7. In late spring, Republican appointees on the Supreme Court are likely to overturn Roe v. Wade. Evangelicals will be delighted, but most Americans will be horrified – adding to their motivation to back Democrats in November.

  8. The findings of the January 6 Committee will be reported. It won’t be a pretty picture for Trump or the Republican Party.

  9. In light of this report – and desperate to keep the 2024 Republican nomination for himself – Trump will increase the volume and intensity of his wacko conspiracy theories and other lies.

  10. If they’re smart, Joe Biden and the Democrats will center their midterm campaign message on the vulnerability of average working Americans to big corporations and Wall Street, which continue to siphon off most economic gains while the typical American is barely holding on.”

Of course, all of this relies on strong messaging from Democrats and well-organized and well-financed work on the ground in our local communities. These midterm elections will be the most momentous in our lifetimes, so we must be ready and willing to deal with the real challenges facing us in the upcoming contests and not be distracted from the goal of electing Democrats up and down the ticket in November.

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