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‘Free to do as you are told’: Florida Republicans advance wave of draconian bills

One of the United Kingdom's oldest news outlets, The Guardian, underscores that Ron DeSantis and his Republican cronies are making our state the laughingstock of the world. That's not an enviable position for a state the relies on tourism for its livelihood. They write, "Proposals banning abortion, discussions of sexuality, and white racial ‘discomfort’ aim to establish Florida as capital of Trumpistan." Brandon Wolf, spokesperson for Equality Florida, sees these actions as ‘a straight line from the flurry of reactionary legislative action to DeSantis’s political ambitions’.

The Guardian continues: 'Yet as the possible 2024 presidential candidate presses ahead with turning Florida into what critics see as his own conservative fiefdom – a de facto Trumpistan of the south with an “Orwellian-sounding” election police force – DeSantis is finding opposition beginning to harden.

More of the state’s 21 million people, which elected him in 2018 by barely 32,000 votes, appears displeased at the creeping authoritarianism and is keen to show DeSantis – who will be seeking re-election in November – that Florida is not the solidly red state he believes it to be.

Those voices come from parents, doctors, LBGTQ+ activists, proponents of voting rights and others who will be affected if many of the Republican bills, as expected, become law.

“People do not like the authoritarian nature of this governor and the way that he has weaponized fear between his constituents to try to curry favor with his base,” said Brandon Wolf, development manager and spokesperson for Equality Florida.'

For Democrats, it means that we must be unified, organized, and ready to work not just to assure that a Democrat defeats DeSantis, but also to change the balance of power in the legislature and our counties and municipalities. For information on how you can help, check out the "Donate" or "Volunteer" sections of this website on the home page.

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