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Pinellas County Democratic Executive Committee Board Meeting

General Body Meeting

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Call to Order by Susan McGrath 7:06

Reciting of The Pledge of Allegiance

Words from the Chair

  • We have something to celebrate; On the 7th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obama Care failed to be appealed. Everyone makes a difference.
  • When you see Rep. Crist, make sure you thank him for everything he is doing for his first bill to save Social Security
  • Democrats get a lot of heat from everyone about all the failures; We are standing up; fighting back and making a difference by the power of the people
  • Committee vote in the House in Tallahassee to bust labor unions; they carved out the police and fire unions; but building, trades and teachers were attacked and it passed down party lines. All
  • House Bill 351 an attempt to limit the information we are able to find out about candidates from public universities and it failed as well
  • House Bill 599 was an attempt to preempt local authority on wages and such and there was a senate version of the bill as well and it passed the senate 4 to 3 Rouson fought hard against it, but it still passed
  • Congressional Committee the public hearings begin next Wednesday. It’s led by the previous Senate Republican Carlos Wolf; who lost to Marco Rubio; was appointed by Rick Scott
  • In Pinellas County, Deb Anderson still has training going on; if interested please contact the local DEC office
  • Building Trades are meeting with the city about the apprenticeship we are building a new police station; pier and we are making sure there are apprenticeships for that
  • Next weekend, we will have the Fl. Democratic Party coming to Pinellas at the Carillon.
  • Working through appointments on the Board below are new additions:
    • Chair of Rules & By-Laws Committee = Billy Walker
    • Campaign Chair – Mike Fox
    • Outreach Chair- Trevor Mallory
    • Issues Chair – Carrie Wadlinger
    • Newsletter – Ramsey McClauchlan
    • Supervisor of Office – Bonnie Sklaren
    • Volunteer Coordinator = Deb Anderson
  • Board has approved an exciting fundraising activity to raise funds to support the work we do.

Approval of February Minutes: P Ramona 2nd by Charlie Tucker

February minutes; Motioned by Wanda 2nd by Ramona

Vice Chair Report

Last month was in Atlanta for the DNC where we completed

Uniting the Party and moving forward

Tom Perez won the DNC race

DNC Chair talks started

Take away we left more united and resoluted about moving together; everyone celebrated together

  • Working on evolving the website; looking at getting pages for the clubs and caucuses
  • Working with the district chairs to help organize our offices. To empower district chairs

Speaker:  Jeremy Ring

He told us about his start.

  • Hired to open an East Coast office for Yahoo at 25. In 5 years went to over $120 billion.  Yahoo made it easy to find information across the world. They changed the world; it wasn’t about getting wealthy.
  • SUPURB was an 8-week program where he targeted the bystander but didn’t know how to intervene. Overt 50k students have went through his program.
  • When he chose to run for office he hadn’t voted for 10 years. Was totally uninformed and unengaged. He had a thesis. He wanted to create an innovation economy in the state.
  • We as Democrats are pro-innovation; pro-entrepreneur
  • We have to start being the part of we almost; should have….we are the party of WE WON
  • You can’t be a Republican if you
    • Believe in Government for the people and not the corporation
    • Believe in the first amendment;
    • Believe to put troops in harm’s way only if you have
    • Believe in personal liberties
  • When rational goes up against irrational; irrational seems to win all the time.
  • We need to start thinking about what our cabinet looks like
  • Running for Chef Executive Finance Officer for the State of Florida; feels that his background will support it.
    • The job is you pay the bill
    • Over the Florida Retirement System; The #1 retirement system in America

No Treasurer Report

State Committee Report


The state committee has

  • Susan has been appointed to the Campaign Committee at the State level
  • Wanda has been appointed to sever on the committee for Clubs Caucuses and committees
  • Rick is serving on the Rules committee and named co-chair of a committee that’s looking at rewriting the state by-laws. It’s a pretty big project and first meeting will be held next Friday.  There will be regional hearings and first reading of the draft by June.


  • Vote builder sessions held at 10am – A computer base application that allows you as the precinct committee person to look up the voters in your precinct; you get to see their voting history.
  • Veterans caucus is 10-11
  • Environmental Caucus is 10-11
  • All sessions are open to Democrats;

Florida Democratic Party meeting is very important; we can get the benefits of all of the trainings for free.

No Sergeant of Arms Report

Campaign Report

  • Picked up 2 mayor slots in the county
  • We have some solid people standing up for City Council
  • Patricia Plantamura was at the meeting; Democrats won’t run in Seminole but she would be interested in helping
  • Talk to individuals that you feel are capable and willing
  • Wants everyone to call the US House (House.Gov)
  • Healthcare we want to use social media; Healthcare is a Human Right. Wants to have them put it on Facebook page and share the photo.
  • Mike raised $405 on the spot to pay for room

Credentials Report

  • District 64 – Gary Miracle 3 people to vote in – 1 here
  • District 65 – Paul Ford 8
  • District 66 – Ann Ambrose 4 with 2 in attendance
  • District 67 – Charlie Tucker 6 with 4 in attendance
  • District 68 – Denise 11 with 10 in attendance
  • District 69 – 4 in attendance
  • District 70 – 3 people to vote in 1 in attendance

Jim Donelon approved to move Ramona 2nd

Old Business

Shout out to all the new folks.

New Business


  • Environment Caucus is an environmentalist group; which meets once a month at the DEC office
  • Rebecca Folkenberg; mailed out 200 postcards 30 left stating “You’re Fired”
  • Linda Lucas – South St. Pete Democratic Club; Hosting Andrew Gillum on April 8th his first campaign trip to Pinellas who is running for Governor; he’s the currently Mayor of Tallahassee; At Sanderlin Center at noon
  • Lisa Sherman – Pinellas County Progressive Caucus; Meeting on Tuesday the 30th at 7pm at the DEC office
  • Ramona – Nevada has passed the ERA; two more state have achieved
  • Linda Ambrose – Regular meeting on the 3rd Monday with Pam Keith; Picnic on April 22nd at Taylor Park
  • Ben with Ben & Jerry Ice Cream will
  • Membership Tea April 30th between 2 & 4; Need members to be a part of the issues committee
  • Paul Ford- Regular meeting on April 18th will be a picnic; Tarpon Springs Democratic Club BBQ/Picnic April 29th from noon – 4 $20 a ticket; will have a speaker and panel at the BBQ
  • Fred Reece – Penny for Pinellas if you enjoy the roads we have in the county;
  • J Alexander – Wanted to thank the members for getting him reelected; also wanted to say he made a visit to visit Jimmy Carter in Plains, GA; it was awesome meeting him and listening to him talk about our new president; April 19th on the Radio
  • Norma Roberts -Wanted to thank everyone that participated in the postcard event on March 15th. Expected to see it national; on TV and didn’t see it.  Currently thinking about how we get ourselves energized;
  • Rich Collette – VP St. Pete Demo Club; meeting Wednesday in the back of Harvey’s Bar

Adjournment at 8:50 motioned by Jun Lund to adjourn at 8:50

Respectfully yours,

Monica Dixon


Look for something positive in each day, even if you have to look a little harder