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Pinellas County Democratic Executive Committee Board Meeting

General Body Meeting

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Call to Order by Susan at 7:09

Reciting of The Pledge of Allegiance

Words from the Chair

  • Henry Crespo could not attend tonight will be at meeting tonight
  • Matthias registered 50 young people at Gibbs High School today with the help of Linda Lucas and Deb Anderson
  • 42 People here for election; we are growing

Minutes from the Secretary; Linda Veronese moved 2nd by Ramona Clark

Treasurer Report

  • Currently cash on hand is $52,212
  • Current expenditures per month $2000
  • We are in great financial shape
  • Put a team together to take contributions/donations using the square
  • All funds going towards voter registration drive and such.
  • If a district or caucus treasurer let Ryan know.

State Committee Report

  • Rick Boylan is in Atlanta for the DNC Elections of a new Chair Person.
  • Wanda
    • Last year a presentation was given on the organization of the democratic party. A slide show presentation was administered – Located under Board of Directors and Committees on the website
    • Credentials, Grievance need to meet to elect a chair
  • Rick filed a challenge of the By-Laws to the State Committee and Steve Bittel has appointed Rick as Co-chair of a committee to go before the State Board

Campaign Report – Mike Fox

  • March 15 is the municipal campaign; Terri is running for Indian Rocks Beach; Terri now has a tea party Republican challenger.

Credentials Report – Jim Donelon and Toni Walker

  • 44 applicants for new precinct men and women and 30 were in attendance.
  • Jo Barkley moves that we accept our new precinct men and women Mike Fox 2nd

Words from Michael Batista

Hired as a constituent service representative, assisting residents of Florida’s 13th Congressional District with securing Social Security, Medicare, and Veterans benefits and providing outreach services.  Batista will be working along with Stafford, out of the Congressman’s flagship district office in downtown St. Petersburg located at 696 1st Avenue North, Suite 203.  Additionally, Batista will serve as the Congressman’s LGBTQ community liaison. 

  • He’s the connection to the office as well as the community


  • Been in St. Petersburg for two years; graduate from University of South Florida;
  • Town Halls are very important and he expressed that they are planning a town hall soon; location and time to be determined.  If you would like to come and be involved you can sign up for the news letter


  • Call the office at any time, 727-318-6770 and they will provide that as well.
  • If you want to be heard in the community from your house representative call the local office. Always give your name, phone number, complete address and a personal statement on how it affects you and your community

State of our Party

Address the future of our party; the topic is the future of our country.

Everything we hold dear is a state; We had our November election and good things happened in Pinellas; we worked early voting across the county; phone banks; chased ballots; we were able to have Representative Crist elected first time in 50 years;

  • No to the solar bill and yes to medical marijuana
  • Democrats won early votes and mail order votes
  • 10000 more republicans voted in Pinellas county; we didn’t carry Pinellas for Hilary but we did our job.
  • During the day Susan is the Executive Director of the Consumer Action Network; A survey was done by a national pollster and reviewed Donald Trump as being affective 56% responded 41% trust worth 50% viewed him

We have to do a better job with messaging; if you watch the debate of the DNC chairs they talked about it.  We have new leadership.  Stephen Bittel is going to come and speak with us hopefully in April and answer questions.

  • We will have a new DNC chair at the end of this week
  • People in this county are awake and they get it
  • Last month’s meeting we didn’t have enough room for people we had 100 chairs and the room was overflowing
  • We had 30 new precinct  tonight and that’s the largest Susan has seen in 8 years.
  • Deb and Bonnie have a list of over 250 people that have contacted us and haven’t participated in the party before and they want to be involved; they are willing to make calls, register voters, just do what ever it takes
  • Training was done last week with 26 people and we have 5 more training sessions scheduled.

Wanda in all her positions manages communications between all clubs and caucuses; shes active

Charterd a black cacus and muslem caucus and a Pinellas progress caucus and the largest LGBTA caucus in the county

Recruiting team that’s at work.  

Jeff Clemons has identified 2 counties for 2018 Miami Dade and Pinellas

District 24

District Chairs- Amos is out today and one of his responsibilities; he is

The structure is there if we work it the way we are supposed to we can get democrats elected and involved

If you are from north county; hats off to you.  The city of St. Petersburg is pretty blue and we have done a pretty good job at getting individuals elected.  In the rest of the county

Paul Ford had over 100 people in attendance is new and not as blue as St. Petersburg had a large number attend

Michael did an amazing job and spent time with Austin and he’s excited about his new job and wants to hear about issues from us.  They are fully staffed

  • Voter Registration: Pinellas is a purple county 640,000 registered voters. We had a 350-voter advantage; working on getting funded so we can continue doing voter registration; we are too big to apply for the grant but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other opportunities.
  • Voting Rights:  We are going to continue to be present in voting rights. We need to get the people who live south of Central Avenue in St. Petersburg to vote early

Once every 20 years in Florida the Constitutional review committee, 37 members, Rick Scott gets to appoint 15; speaker of the house gets to appoint 9; Head of the Senant appoints 9.  Currently there are only 2 or 3 democrats on the committee.  Whatever they want to add and put in front of voters they can do what they want.  There is a 3 prong process; lots of good people have applied to be on and didn’t get appointed that happen to be democrats didn’t get appointed.


Our representatives and Senators are in Tallahassee until March 7th in committee meetings; filing their bills.

House Bill 19 which wants to preempt municipalities authorities

House Bill 17 allows women to sue

House Bill 841 the anti-abortion filed on 2/16 by Sen. Gonzalez and Sen. Baxley ap

We need to watch what’s going on in Tallahassee

We need you.  Democrats are our family.  We are all part of the same family there is so much work to be done; we cannot be distracted from what needs to and has to be done. Sometimes it’s easier to do this work and then there are times when it’s discouraging.  Played Barak Obamas farewell speech for motivation.

If you are here tonight you have made the first most important step. I know it’s hard looking at the ridiculousness that’s going on in our country; it’s discouraging and frustrating.  



  • March 15 put a letter in the mailbox to trump ask about his tax returns, employment, and housing projects.
  • Greater Pinellas meeting 3/9 at Banquet Masters. Rich Piper talking about the mess in Washington
  • Mary Lou Ambrose – Largo mid Pinellas Club President.  Has had an amazing number of people show up.  A new member came up with a plan for the next meeting 3/20; concentrating on the mess in Tallahassee.  Two most dangerous months in Florida has nothing to do with hurricanes it’s what’s going on in Tallahassee
  • Community of Belair Bluffs- Had a 5-hour meeting at the PSTA board and were successful in
    • Continuing with the Jolly Trolley and not bring in an outside vendor
    • Thanks to some help from BP monies and was able to get authorization to purchase 2 electric buses for PSTA plus charging equipment
  • St. Pete Democrats also the Progressive Democrats of America are meeting March 1st  at Harvey’s 4th street Grill at 7pm
  • Terri Welder the Democratic Women’s Club of Pinellas meets Monday at the Clearwater Central Library between 11:30 and 12.  Each month during meetings we are allowed 15 minutes to hand out to the members and anyone that is there paper envelope and stamps to write letters and mail them out.
  • April 22 at Earth Day there is a march for Science in St. Petersburg; main march in Washington DC.
  • Paul Ford North County; the N. Pinellas Democratic Club will meet March 21st at 6pm; Dunedin Golf Club; Represents a part of the Tarpon Springs club they will have their annual picnic April 29th at 12pm and Mr. Bittel will be attending
  • Pinellas was elected to host Florida Democratic Party Chairs event which will be held at the Hilton Carillon March 21st – April 2nd Mayor Kriseman is giving opening remarks
  • Mike Fox we have to get organized and make things happen.  Last two goals for the evening

Cover the cost of the room

Sustaining donation = $3 or whatever you like to cover all our expenses

Motion to adjourn by Charlie Tucker; adjourned at 9:03

Respectfully yours,

Monica Dixon